Set a Fire

There’s a song that I absolutely love that has the lyrics

Set a fire down in my soul,
that I can’t contain
that I can’t control.
I want more of you God,
I want more of you God!

In the past few weeks I can say that God has been doing this in me. A good friend told me about two people she knew. One attempted suicide. The other committed suicide and past away not too long ago.

She told me she was so scared and had avoided me, because I too was suicidal and depressed not too long before she knew about them. My amazing mother was so brave when she found out about my having those thoughts. She made the courageous decision to admit me into the psychiatric unit.

I’ve been out for a little over a month now and praise God every day for a new day. I praise Him for never giving up on me. But ever since then I’ve grown to become one thing when I think about depression and suicide.

I’m angry.

God has set a fire of compassion in me. He set a fire of Godly anger in me at the stories of people who have attempted or have actually taken their own life – their own soul – away. His heart weeps because these are the very souls He created in His own image. If His heart weeps, then so does mine.

This is why I created Precious Soul. I love my brothers and sisters deeply, for we’re all children of God. I love them all so much that I have no choice but to fight for them and with them  through prayer and through sharing my thoughts and prayers.

I pray that this blog will continue to spark the fire that God has set in my heart. I pray above all that the fire can spread among each of your hearts. That you — my brother or my sister –can join me as I personally learn more about what it means to love myself as a precious child of God. Discover for yourselves how much God loves and values you.

God bless you and thank you so so much for your time in reading this as well. All my love,

– Ariel


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