Happy Happy Thinking

Hey all! In this blog post I want to simply share a tool that really helped me tonight. Tonight, I felt my depression kicking in. I did not want to do anything until I thought of this. I filled out a sheet for Cognitive Behavioral Thinking (CBT). I first learned about this in a positive psychology class and in a few therapy sessions. There are three columns: your situations, the automatic – and usually negative – thoughts that come out of the situation, and your new – and positive – thoughts. I filled this out to help me track where my bad feelings stemmed out of. I surprisingly feel much better. I strongly encourage anyone – even if you’re not dealing with depression/anxiety – to fill it out. It takes about 10 minutes. I share mine below as an example:

CBTHope you get the chance to fill this out! You can find several copies of these online, or simply create your own chart. Style it, color it, and make it pretty for your bedroom wall or something!

With much love,


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