My Views on Mental Health

Based on the numbers of suicidal attempts and feelings of depression all around my college (New York University), New York City, and nation wide, I can say for myself that Mental Health is no joke. It is real and extremely complex. My mother, an emergency room nurse, once told me that she personally thinks physical health is easier to cure because it can be seen. Mental health – on the other hand – is difficult to cure because it is unseen. No one can ever tell what the other is truly thinking.

Depression, to me, is a means of escape. You want to escape, to run away from the world and the challenges it holds. Thoughts come into your head that may make you want to simply give up. You feel lost, lonely, and numb. My most common line was, “I don’t care anymore.”

Some of the symptoms I experienced were self-mutilation, unusually large amounts of sleep (I remember thinking that sleep was my favorite part of the day because I could escape everything), mood swings and drowsiness, and a lack of interest or excitement in activities or hobbies that I once loved.

If you know someone who may be experiencing this or something similar, please don’t hesitate to help them to seek the help they need. Here’s a website I found that is so helpful in figuring out what to do:

Please, be loving and caring. Show them that you care. Show them the love of Christ. With much love,

– Ariel


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